Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Super Kawaii Giveaway

jom join

Essential Beauty Pink & Floral
Blush Brush, Kabuki Brush,
and Eyeshadow Brush

Sally Hansen Smile Brightening
Lipgloss in "Gleaming", Hello Kitty
Lipgloss in Raspberry, Strawberry,
and Bubble Gum; Lotta Love Gelato
Lip Balm
Japanese-style Bow headband
Argento SC Swarovski
crystal bobby pins
Sugar Cookie Body Lotion,
Strawberry bath bomb,
Simple Pleasures Strawberry
Mouse Shower Gel

Pink bead & heart bracelet and
fabric flower coin holder handmade
by Honeybee Housewife
Rockstar Eye & Lip Palette
sponsored by The Product Whore
Harajuku Lovers
Cosmetic Bag

Paris Hilton Heiress Diary
sponsored by
A Little Bit of Everything
Creative Buds "Fluff" earphones
Harajuku Lovers Candy
from Dylan's Candy Bar
French Connection Pink
Aviator Sunglasses
e.l.f. nail polish in "coral",
Hello Kitty nail polish set,
Nail Rose pink 3D nails
Primal Elements "Majesty"
hand-made soap and Victoria's
Secret Beauty Rush Cheek Tint
in "I Pink I Can"
Harajuku Lovers snowbunny
perfume in "Love"


  1. rasanye da trikh tutup dear..hee..kne byk syarat kalo intrntional nye ga ni

  2. hi cik bintang..contest dah diubah untuk memudahkan semua join..jom join cepat!